Revolving Stage Turntable Products

Revolving Stage Turntables

Whether you want to add excitement to your retail or exhibition display, create spectacular film sequences, produce dynamic TV commercials or wow your audience at your product launch, there’s probably a standard Movetech UK revolving stage that will meet your needs. And if there isn’t, we can build one to your exact specification.

Automotive Revolves

Our automotive revolves are used across the world by major car manufacturers to create eye-catching movement in car showrooms, exhibitions and at product launches. But we also offer other options for automotive display, including the ‘invisible’ Merlin Major 21, a particularly cost-effective solution that is both portable and easy to install.

Revolving Rings

The modular design of our revolving stages and turntables enables us to create revolving ring constructions with virtually any combination of diameters. Interesting effects can also be achieved by combining a revolving ring with a turntable. Rotating in opposite directions, they create continuously changing impressions for the spectator.

Lifts & Elevating Platforms

The use of elevating platforms has grown continuously in recent years because of demand from the live events sector. Scissor-type elevating platforms may be combined with our standard turntables and revolving stages to create an attractive and exciting revolving / elevating configuration.

Bespoke Movement Solutions

As well as our extensive range of revolving stages, we also manufacture and supply all kinds of customised kinetic systems and special constructions. When it comes to transforming your concept or vision into reality, you can count on us to offer a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Display Products

Our clients tell us that using movement in retail and exhibition environments helps them to sell more products and increase sales. From small, lightweight point-of-purchase display turntables for short term use, to larger turntables designed for durability and reliability over many years.

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