Whether you want to add excitement to your retail or exhibition display, create spectacular film sequences, produce dynamic TV commercials or wow your audience at your product launch, there’s probably a standard Movetech UK revolving stage that will meet your needs. And if there isn’t, we can build one to your exact specification.

Available in diameters from 1m to 33m, in 1m increments, Movetech UK revolving stages are used across the world in car showrooms, concert venues, conference presentations, exhibition halls, fashion shows, film sets, theatre productions, TV shows, and museum and heritage visitor centres.

You can move your audience or move your merchandise; you can create stunning music videos, or add drama to live theatre, events and opera. With more than for 50 years experience behind us, we offer excellent customer service and superb product quality – our products often outlive their design life, and many units are still working after tens of years in service.

Our delivery, installation, on site and removal service is available worldwide – giving you peace of mind, and demonstrating our commitment to you, the customer.

Product Unit Diameter (m)Unit Height (mm)Max. Display Diameter (m)Max. Display Weight (kg)RentalBuy
1m Turntable1m210mm1m300kgQuotePrice
1.5m Turntable1.5m230mm1.5m500kgQuotePrice
2m Revolving Stage Turntable2m300mm2m1,000kgQuotePrice
2.m Revolving Stage Turntable2.5m300mm2.5m1,000kgQuotePrice
3m Revolving Stage Turntable3m300mm3m2,000kgQuotePrice
4m Revolving Stage Turntable4m300mm4m2,000kgQuotePrice
4.5m Revolving Stage Turntable4.5m300mm4.5m2,000kgQuotePrice
5m Revolving Stage Turntable5m300mm5m2,000kgQuotePrice
6m Revolving Stage Turntable6m300mm6m3,000kgQuotePrice
7m Revolving Stage Turntable7m300mm7m3,000kgQuotePOA
8m Revolving Stage Turntable8m300mm8m4,000kgQuotePOA
10m Revolving Stage Turntable10m300mm10m4,000kgQuotePOA
11m Revolving Stage Turntable11m245mm11m5,000kgQuotePOA
12m Revolving Stage Turntable12m245mm12m20,000kgQuotePOA
13m Revolving Stage Turntable13m245mm13m20,000kgQuotePOA
15m Revolving Stage Turntable15m245mm15m25,000kgQuotePOA
16m Revolving Stage Turntable16m245mm16m25,000kgQuotePOA
17m Revolving Stage Turntable17m245mm17m30,000kgQuotePOA
20m Revolving Stage Turntable20m245mm20m30,000kgQuotePOA
22m Revolving Stage Turntable22m245mm22m40,000kgQuotePOA
25m Revolving Stage Turntable25m245mm25m50,000kgQuotePOA
30m Revolving Stage Turntable30m245mm30m60,000kgQuotePOA
33m Revolving Stage Turntable33m245mm33m200,000kgQuotePOA

All prices are exclusive of VAT and Delivery. Contact us for more information.

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